Tentsmuir Ice Age Virtual Tour

The virtual tour below shows the ice age landscape of the Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve at approximately 20,000 BP.

Use the mouse pad or the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

The landscape of Tentsmuir Forest today is likely to have received influence from the Last Glacial Period during the Ice Age. As can be seen in the BRITICE Glacial Map [1], the landscape across Britain is affected and shaped by the British-Irish Ice Sheet. This reconstruction was created with reference to the Dundee Glacier Project [2] as well as the ice extent reconstruction from Hughes et al. [3].


Note that the virtual tour above only depicts the surface of the ice sheet and does not fully represent the landscape of Tentsmuir Forest in the Ice Age. It does not represent the height of the ice sheet and its position relative to the sea level.

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This ice sheet was modelled from an existing present-day landscape reconstruction project of Tentsmuir Forest which was created in a Master’s dissertation by Maria Andrei in 2021 at the University of St Andrews.