Scotland Ice Extent

The images below shows the extent of the ice sheet during the Ice Age over Scotland, where the areas in white represents the areas covered by the ice sheet. The extent is shown for the time period 27,000 years BP to 17,000 years BP, excluding the year 26,000 years BP. The reconstructions were created from Hughes et al. [1]. (Note: BP is Before Present)

27,000 Years BP

27,000 BP


25,000 Years BP

25,000 BP


24,000 Years BP

24,000 BP


23,000 Years BP

23,000 BP


22,000 Years BP

22,000 BP


21,000 Years BP

21,000 BP


20,000 Years BP

20,000 BP


19,000 Years BP

19,000 BP


18,000 Years BP

18,000 BP


17,000 Years BP

17,000 BP

[1] A. L. C. Hughes, R. Gyllencreutz, Ø. S. Lohne, J. Mangerud and J. I. Svendsen, “The last Eurasian ice sheets – a chronological databse and time-slice reconstruction, DATED-1,” Boreas, vol. 45, no. 1, pp. 1-45, Jan. 2016. Available: