Ice Age

Ever wonder what the Ice Age would have looked like? Take this opportunity to virtually explore the Ice Age landscape in Scotland!


During the Ice Age, Scotland was under an ice sheet for several thousands of years. This ice sheet over Scotland made up the larger British-Irish Ice Sheet, which at the Last Glacial Maximum covered much of the British Isles, as can be seen in the figure below.

The extent of the British-Irish Ice Sheet at the Last Glacial Maximum [1].

Project Aims

1. Understand

To understand the Ice Age in Scotland

2. Explore

To explore the ice age landscape of Scotland

Two reconstructions of the Ice Age were created:

  1. Landscape Virtual Tour
  2. Ice Extent

The virtual tour allows for exploration of the ice age landscape of Tentsmuir Forest, which is located in North East Fife in Scotland. The ice extent is shown in the form of images and it demonstrates the extent of the ice over Scotland over a period of time.

[1] A. Emery, “The LGM British-Irish Ice Sheet: an introduction,” Antarctic Glaciers, Aug. 12, 2020 [Online]. Available:

Note: In this website, the ‘Ice Age’ will refer to the last Ice Age in Earth’s history, which is the Last Glacial Period.